Quality certified



  • The formed and experienced staff uses up to date technology that allows us to offer the best metallic appliances, from the design to the realization. They are guaranteed by strict controls, including PED, always respecting the ATEX regulations.

    Our products are destined to the following fields: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, civil, environmental, nuclear and industrial, and we are always committed to building all types of metallic fixtures and structures, from very simple to far more complex, thanks to a versatile and dynamic structure, ready to satisfy the specific needs of our client.


  • We produce a wide range of laminated pieces and we are able to work with different types of materials, thanks to the highly technological and specialized productive process, all the way from assembly to welding, with the test phase as a final point, because of this we are confident in guaranteeing high quality of our products.

    The machinery that is used by us is in top innovation standards and as a result it has permitted us, within Giacomazzo to grow and reach very specific and precise works of top quality.